In November 2012, Chef Igor Beloglazov placed 4th in the Art Class of the World Culinary Olympics held in Erfrut, Germany: a competition that consisted of almost 700 chefs from over 50 different countries.

At the World Championships in cooking, held in November 2011 in Malta, Chef Beloglazov won bronze medals in three different categories: The Maltese Fish, Asian Cuisine, and the Black Box. He competed against about 200 participants, from the Unites States, Russia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Malta and other countries.

In October 2011, Chef Beloglazov with a team of three other chefs won three bronze medals in the International Kremlin Culinary Cup. The Culinary Cup was attended by 300 chefs from such countries as Russia, Turkey, Poland, Korea, and others. Over the years Chef Beloglazov competed in competitions in Croatia, where he has won gold, silver and bronze medals.

Today he brings his culinary skill to New York City and you can find him preparing his special blend of European Cuisine at Taboo Lounge.